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Invacio Network is so much more than a network, it is a desktop built to work around your life.



Invacio has one of the largest open databanks in the tech scene, we enable you to connect directly to our API to pull in data in to your projects.



Invacio is scaling to project financial movements in the markets, we now offer the same technology to find feedback on your own brand or your competition.



At Invacio, We've created a dynamic neural network that couples itself directly against systematic tasks to our perform any human element creating a full autonomous environment for our end users, autonomous products and solutions for a autonomous future.

Andrew Murphy
The term "disruptive technology" has been so overused in almost every sector that to use it today barely elicits a yawn, which is unfortunate, because if anything Invacio deserves to be called a disruptive technology, it is Invacio.
The term "disruptive technology" has been so overused in almost every sector that to use it today barely elicits a yawn, which is unfortunate, because if anything deserves to be called a disruptive technology..., it is Invacio. I can stake my reputation on Invacio disrupting just about every aspect of the business world within the next few years, and probably changing the way we handle our everyday affairs as individuals, as a bonus.
Our world has become data-driven, thanks not only to the Internet, but also to what is being called the Internet of Things. Everything is now connected, or soon will be. Data is being produced at astonishing and ever increasing rates. We are truly approaching a singularity, as futurists have been telling us for a while. But that brings a problem with it, and it is one of dimensionality. If I give you a string of numbers, say {4, 4.5, 6.5, 9, 12.5, 15.5, 17.5, 17, 15, 11, 7.5, 5}, it would be meaningless. We call that data. If I tell you that each number represents the monthly average temperature in degrees Celsius in London for a given year, then you have transformed data into information. With enough information, you can start basing decisions on it. However, as you add more dimensions to your information, and correlate it to other information, it becomes daunting. How about the average daily temperatures for each state in India, cross-referenced to rainfall, in turn cross-referenced to the rice harvests, for the last 25 years? Add the expected temperature and rainfall as far as our meteorology can predict right now, and you have some predictive capability regarding the next rice harvest, along with a pretty good idea of whether rice futures are undervalued or overvalued right now. Multiply that by a million sets of information, some which we know are related, some we know that aren't, and some that we just don't know because we haven't had the time to look for those correlations, or had the computing power and access to data that would be necessary.
Enter Invacio. The premise behind Invacio in its current release is to aggregate a vast amount of information in areas such as meteorology, agriculture, transportation, finance, marketing, government, demographics, stock markets, and many more, too many to list here, and couple that with advanced and proprietary AI systems that will allow Invacio to harness the business intelligence produced by known correlations, as well as identifying many that were not previously apparent. This part of the system alone can and will provide enormous value to any decision maker, not just by presenting opportunities that were not visible before, but also by highlighting risks that otherwise might have gone unnoticed until too late. Information is the one commodity we can never have enough of, and Invacio will be the preferred supplier.
This is, however, just scratching the surface. Having all that information available and easily accessible will provide services and capabilities to both companies and individuals that have so far only been seen in Science Fiction. We are working on evolving the system to not only be the top advisor to decision makers, but also to become the equivalent of the best trained valet or executive assistant for any individual. No job too big, no job too small. Invacio will not be limited by the information fed to it, but will actively be crawling public and private databases to grow its information repository, and constantly looking for relationships between the information it is digesting, always learning, and always providing more insights and capabilities. Much like a natural organism, it will evolve and develop, likely exceeding even our expectations early on, and our expectations are huge.
I haven't been this excited to be a part of something in my entire career. We at Invacio want you to be a part of this, and we're sure you'll quickly be as excited as we are, especially as you see the results that Invacio will provide to your organization!



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