Analysing data from across the globe to deliver local solutions.

Combining many fields of machine learning in one interactive and self learning system.

Automatically cross referencing myriad non-generic data sets and deriving intelligence.

Providing artificial intelligence derived data solutions for commerce, governance, finance and the military.

Where data meets analysis and becomes actionable intelligence.

Putting AI derived intelligence to use and improving access.

Enabling real time data analysis solutions through bespoke APIs.

Bespoke data solutions for specialised industries.

Securing communications for a security conscious world.

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Examples of AI in action

TenX Julian Hosp | Post Analysing by Lucid.

Dr. Julian Hosp Exiting TenX, post-Lucid Analysis by Invacio.

We've had to run minus one of the analyzers, due to the manipulation of the low-quality video that we obtained, as such going off 16 module points opposed to 18.

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Nov. 6, 2005 | Lucid Processed interview with Steven Avery | NBC26

Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd, was requested by some token holders to run Steven Avery through Lucid, the issues we came across was the quality of videos were not great, in addition, the placements of the positions of the subject during those interviews, However, the results that look for deception through 18 points from macro to body movements within the lucid system, are telling us a very interesting story, maths, science rarely is wrong and our process takes into account years of research and studies from academia composed within our multi-agent approach to analyze subjects.

Take from this what you will, and by all means, if you come across a quality interview of this subject do share, as this has perked our interests based on what the media and state have led us to believe and the quantifiable evidence to the contrary within this clip, this could also outline that he is honest, or believes in the entirely what he is stating, as such a bonafide psychopath?

Leading to the lack of deceptive traits, it should also be noted that there are periods of deceptive traits, in addition, at times throughout the angle is not able to obtain a quality capture of the retina.

Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica being grilled on Alleged Russian commercial arrangements

Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica being grilled on Alleged Russian commercial arrangements, analyzed by Lucid.

Background on the alleged involvements within Russia.

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Former NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers testifying regarding the Russians, & Trumps involvement

In Feb 2018, there was a lot of allegations that Trump was using the NSA to downplay and deflect the allegations that he was in bed with the Russians, shortly thereafter Former NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers was asked to testify on the counts, this was processed through Lucid as part of our training, and here is the derived points.

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Trump's full speech from Oval Office on shutdown and border wall run through Invacio's Lucid

President Donald Trump made his case for funding for a border wall on the US-Mexico border during a national address to the nation from the White House Oval Office.

Run through Lucid by Invacio.

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Base Team & Strategic Advisors



William's education covers a fairly broad spectrum from Computer Science through to financial accounting.

After a couple of spells working in accounts and management with IBM and BT Group PLC in Europe and Asia, William worked on a couple of projects with Kata Rocks and Hemisphere Crew, building their IT backends. Throughout his working life, he has sought to make upon his education through experimentation and self-learning. In 2012 He started working on the original development of Invacio as an AI relevancy driven social network. Formal incorporation of the innovative UK parent company was in 2014. Over the years he has teamed up and worked with multiple programmers around the world. Guiding them to create the systems Invacio has today with his focused vision, and unique understanding of data flows.



Twenty-plus years of experience in sales, advertising and marketing is what Roger brings to Invacio. Having been involved in multiple industry sectors and across many media's, he can put words together and paint images in people's minds that he is leveraging to bring awareness and tell Invacio's story.



Upon receiving his BSc in Biochemistry from The University of Aberdeen, Madhav went on to achieve a Post Graduate certificate in financial management, accounting, and finance. The following years since then, and before joining us, he held roles in data analysis, R & D in AI and applied data science, and as a computational biochemist in the Fields of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.


Invacio Security Advisor & Partner Lead

An internationally acclaimed and gifted "white hat" hacker James brings his expert insight to blockchain and security. The Co-Founder of CodeEye Solutions, an Offensive Security services and Software development company, James has lead the development of CodeEye's automated Threat Intelligence Platform and plays a vital in the development of CodeEye's Software solutions. James specializing in Penetration Testing, Threat Analysis, Vulnerability research, Zero Day Exploit Discovery & Development, UNIX/Linux Systems Security and Administration.


Commercial Scale Advisor

Asif Majid is the creative force behind YU Spaces and Partners, and leads its global strategy and development initiatives. Prior to establishing YU Spaces, Asif spent 15 years working in international sports management and development, for some of the biggest sports brands in football and F1. Through his extensive travelling and marketing expertise in brand development, he identified a niche in contemporary design within the UK market, after which he set about forming partnerships globally with some of the leading lights in the industry, and thus YU Spaces and Partners was born. Today the company has five regional offices worldwide and has carried out many design and build projects in over a dozen countries.

YU Spaces and Asif have won numerous awards globally for their accomplishments, with Asif most recently winning London Asian Businessman of the Year in 2017. In addition to running YU Spaces, he works as advisor to high end brands and services, and after being featured in Sports World Magazine, has been asked to contribute as a guest writer on design and to interview celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment. In his spare time he works on charitable projects, loves to travel, learn languages and works as a motivational speaker.

Asif joins Invacio to advise on corporate branding and to help guide the company as it scales.


Zero knowledge Architecture Advisor

An accomplished coder with a formidable skill set which encompasses SQL, XML, jQuery, PHP, Java, HTML, and CSS as well as a wealth of experience in IT project management, Peter works with Invacio as a consultant and advisor to the business with particular focus on our InvMail E2E encrypted email system. His contribution to the UI design and back-end coding of InvMail has been invaluable. Educated at the University of Gothenburg, and a talented troubleshooter and "Bug Buster", Peter has been Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Likipe AB for the past eight years.


Fintect Advisor

Nathan is the CEO and Founder of Cly & Co Limited. Cly & Co emerged from roles working with large domestic and international retail and commercial banks, private banks, and also his establishment of a multi-family office dealing with both HNW and UHNW clients from a range of cultural and geographical backgrounds including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, France, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Italy, Germany and Australia.

Deemed "Extremely gifted and talented" and offered membership into a global IQ society at 10 years of age, Nathan's experience covers a broad range of areas including 26 years spent in personal & corporate accounting, 20 years in financial advisory & wealth management, 11 years constructing and running private bespoke investment portfolios (all of which have outperformed indices, professional institutional fund managers and peers) and 17 years working with HNW/ UHNW individuals and families. Several of these Individuals have themselves been listed on both Forbes and Hurun Rich Lists as well as many who prefer to remain off such lists. Cly and Co is founded out of Hong Kong, managed primarily from Australia but with a truly global reach.


ASEAN Director

Linleeya holds degrees in education and in hospitality management, obtained in Switzerland and Thailand. As we develop, Linleeya will take responsibility for the management of our international events and public appearances. Linleeya also makes sure our head office, and ASEAN Division runs smoothly.


AI Software Engineer

Cryptocurrency and exchanges form some of Games experience since he graduated from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. As part of our Thailand based projects team, he is focused on our near-term and urgent projects.


AI Research Scientist

Jakgri majored in computer control systems with a minor in robotics while studying for his Bachelor's degree at the Prince of Songkla University in Thailand. While there and since leaving he has developed a state-based object detection framework/system, an infrared/visual analysis based detection system for state endeavors, many python based ANI programs and a database system for a major retail organization.


AI NLP Specialist

With a masters degree in Computer Science obtained from the Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus under his belt, and years of experience involved in NLP from some leading Thai enterprises (ICC Int Public, Thai Route) Khun Nut joins Invacio to strengthen our NLP division specific for Project Lucid and Project Lucidia.


Blockchain & AI Researcher

Poy majored in computer science with a minor in science at the Prince of Songkla University in Hat Yai, Thailand. While there and since leaving she has developed a state-based automated machines for CAT, many python based ANI programs and a database system for a major hardware-hardstack telecom.


Chief Infastructure Engineer & Internal Counsel

After securing a Bachelor's Degree in law and a Masters Degree in software engineering from Sripatum University in Thailand, Aekechai has spent the last 11 years working as a senior networking engineer. Aekechai will be taking care of all our networking requirements at our server centers.


Graphics & UX

After leaving Prince of Songkla University in Thailand with a bachelor's degree in computer science Dome, our in-house graphics ninja worked on a variety web responsive and mobile applications Bringing great experience in a range of graphic design programs and programming languages Dome is our creative font for company's public image.



Beer qualified with a bachelor's degree in accounting from Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University in 2014. She brings that and four years of practical experience in the world of business to Invacio's accounts department.



EN is our in-house engineer (Mechanical). He graduated with a Diploma of Vocational Education in engineering work from Trang Technical College recently and is currently at work building some of our server racks from scratch.



In 2012 Bow left Suan Dusit Rajabhat University with a degree in Industrial and organizational psychology. Now Bow joins us with six years experience working in and running HR departments. Invacio Group and its subsidiaries are sure to benefit from having Bow look after our HR requirements.


Lead Developer and Back-end Architecture

With a Bachelor in Computer Application with First Class from Saurashtra University, Rajkot in 2008, Arvind serves as one of our main AI developers. His experience over the last ten years since graduating covers multiple areas Programming languages, Operating Systems, Databases, and digital environments & architecture.


Backend Technical Lead

March 2006 was when Ashvin left Saurashtra University, Rajkot with a BA in computer engineering. 12 years later, his experience encompasses the creation of multiple websites using a range of frameworks, languages and database systems he operates from our facility in India.


F/B End Stack Engineer

When Champak left the Atmiya Institute of Virani Science College, Rajkot in April 2014, with a bachelors in Computer science, He quickly joined Invacio after some contracted work and is now part of our backend AI team, using all the other languages and skills he learned.


F/B End Stack Engineer

Another team member straight out of the Noble Group of Institutions in Junagadh this year, Bhoomi is also a certified ethical hacker and computer engineer. Bhoomi uses C, PHP, CORE JAVA and experience working with different environments.


F/B End Stack Engineer

Fresh out of the Noble Group of Institutions in Junagadh this year with a bachelor's degree in Computer engineering Amee is a certified ethical hacker and PHP specialist. Her experience ranges from developing an E-Law system through to creating a smart library.