Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd has now delivered the following products. (commercial/state)

And many more.

In having committed to the release of products for utility, William the Founder of Invacio Group has completed his commitments to the community and project at large.

In doing so in the provision of multiple real-world products, William will no longer be providing intellectual thought to the Invacio AAP Holdings or Invacio Group endeavors in product development.

Invacio AAP Holdings will now fall to its Incorporation Governance Rules on the provision and supply of products for Utility, in doing so Invacio AAP Holdings a non-staffed subsidiary has retained and will continue to provide the above products and services as well as the general up-take, debugging if such occurs in their lifespan.

Invacio AAP Holdings will not commence any ‘new’ product ventures or provisions or utilization of existing technology from the group for the provision of new utility lines, until such time if ever its corporate ‘debts’, ‘loans’, or ‘outstanding salaries’ are repaid, further, it has the liquidity to provision additional ventures alongside relevant marketing.

Invacio AAP Holdings committed to the provision of products for utility and has now concluded on all service/utility commitments within its means.
William the founder of Invacio Group stepped back from Invacio AAP Holdings commitments in February having set the company on course to deliver additional product lines for utility use.

Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd will continue to function having delivered its products but will continue to operate without a direct CEO going forth as it has done since its inception, but going forth there will be no new technology/ecosystem provisions or development for Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd.

Create Intelligence And Apply It Creatively.

Invacio Research Analytica is an innovator in the field of artificial intelligence research, application and deployment.

Our dedicated team is creating AI programs that are capable of: solving complex problems, autonomously, implementing frictionless data transfer, with no outside input. Moreover, also creating self-learning AI control systems that could change the way certain sectors operate forever.

Looking directly at global requirements for clean data, our system is set up in such a fashion as to source, analyze, correlate and deliver, actionable data for multiple industries from finance to marketing. With an ever-growing repository of over 2.5 billion AI cleansed data-sets, we know we have a strong foundation from which to build our organization.

Aside from our commerce focused activities, it is the success within the governance and private sectors where we believe we will have the most impact and create global opportunities to improve the way of life for millions of people. Delivering real-world solutions for complex issues in automation, anti-terrorism, and state security.

During the last six years of development there have been good times and testing times, but through it all our ambition to create an AI that is as unrestricted and flexible as possible never wavered. Multiple modules and thousands of data-feeds provide our springboard from which we can launch an array of targeted AI driven products.

Our Labs division will be working closely with some of the brightest minds around, to focus on and expand into many sectors where we can indeed make a difference. We see no limits as to potential areas of operation with our highly flexible, self-learning and reactive AI.

The group

Invacio was founded in London in 2014, financed by a collective of parties, including William J D West as the prominent investor. In 2018 a subsidiary of the group completed a successful ITO/ICO after which shortly after William sold a 10% stake in Invacio to SVCIC Inc. Invacio is these days (since 2015) internationally spread, from Europe to Asia Minor to South East Asia, our backend systems and current base of operations are in Thailand.

High Points

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