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As we continuously say, we have nothing to hide, now, here is the proof.

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is all about transparency, or at least that is what the industry tells you. Every transaction is traceable, nothing is hidden, all crypto can be accounted for, all these things are true. All true, right up until the money gets moved out of crypto or is ‘cashed out’ as the saying goes, at that point, there is no telling where the money has gone or what it is being spent on.

So many organisations, in crypto, rely on this to pull the wool over the eyes of their coin and token holders.

Money literally disappears from view, and those that paid the money in have little or no clear idea about how it is being used to make the project or product development move forward.

Invacio are doing things differently, on this page you will find all documents relating to every penny in, and every penny out of our organisation, from the start of the ICO right up to today. Bank statements, Paypal statements, invoices, receipts, salaries etc. This transparency will continue until the last of the cryptocurrency raised has been converted into fiat and spent (yes, you will see where that money goes too).

We wish to make this a new norm, in the cryptosphere, to force a cleansing of what we have found to be a morally bankrupt sector. If you feel this a good thing for crypto then let your feelings be known. Show this as an example to other projects you are involved in and don’t allow other organisations to get away with spending your money on their lifestyle.

UK Bank Account 2017

UK Bank Account 2018

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Salary Commitments Thailand & Miscellaneous

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