Our offices

Our Offices

Invacio was founded in London in 2014, since then, our head office has been relocated to Phuket (Thailand) as it provides a central location within reach of the world’s major emerging markets and great access to a burgeoning skilled IT workforce. We now have offices and facilities that span Europe and Asia Minor to South East Asia, our backend systems and current base of operations are in Thailand.

Invacio Reasearch Analytica (Thailand): Our Phuket team (led by William West) look after our primary server cluster and are the mainstay of our current projects team. Their focus is on the products that we look to launch in the coming few months and years.

Invacio (Gujarat): Our team in India are the longest serving members of the programming team and hold responsibility for the continued strengthening of the core AI systems on which the rest of Invacio rely.

Invacio (Hong Kong): Strict Data laws across the globe governed our choice of Hong Kong as the home for our zero-knowledge protocol servers on which we run our secure communications system Invmail..

Invacio (Switzerland):When it comes to data security, Switzerland is home to the strictest confidentiality laws for the protection of personal information. This is why it was chosen to house more of our zero-knowledge protocol servers (Invmail).