Our teams

Our teams are as reactive and proactive as they can be, turning their hands to tasks as and when required. Currently we have two teams of developers, one working continuously on the backend AI systems and the other working on current, project specific, tasks with tight deadlines.

Additionally we use a team of adhoc developers to push through projects when we need them most. Network engineering, finance, HR and sales and marketing teams are all set to grow as we scale up.

As with all our operations, flexibility is key to our success. Bringing together people with diverse knowledge and experience is one of the ways we can be sure that there will always be alternate ideas brought to the table to enhance our discussions and programs. We encourage a problem solving environment and are always reliant on our team’s ability to see all sides of any potential hurdles and come up with solutions.

Engineers, programmers, data scientists, philosophers and more, all form our collaborative teams that continually extend or AI/ML systems and capabilities into the future we are creating.