Connecting The World With AI.

Consumers often hear about AI being developed but rarely get to use anything beyond very basic systems, here you will find a range of AI derived data packages and AI connectivity for the man on the street to use.

Some of our commercial offerings can be explored here.


If It Is Digital, It Can Be Analysed.

Data is our online data repository housing some 2 billion+ datasets from across the globe. Whether it is a agricultural, commerce or finance based our system provides data in its pure format and also AI derived intelligence. There is a wealth of information here, right at your fingertips.


Keep Your Message On Point.

Alise pulls together global data on commercial brand awareness footprints and that of your competitors. Opening the door to real time, actionable, market data and allowing on the hoof changes and alterations to your ongoing campaigns.

Lumen Pro

What The AI Can See, The Mind Can Use.

Delivering augmented reality and AI vision right in front of your eyes. Our Lumen division provides glasses with in-built AI APIs to deliver useful data to you. Location awareness, facial recognition and other important data all projected on the lenses in an easy to read format while you are on the move.


AI, At Your Service.

Companies are great at generating data but sometimes struggle to extract the value from it, Enix Foundation | Decentralised Blockchain’s API division can help you analyse your own data. Plug into our systems and get the benefit of all our analysing power. Object detection, pattern recognition, facial recognition, financial analysis modules and many more.


Where Worlds Merge And Get Broadcast.

Pulse is your window on the world of relevant stories and also a place where you can publish your own thoughts and ideas. Let Pulse know the type of stories and news you like and wake up to fresh content everyday. Alternatively, if you have something you want to share with the world, write it up and push it out for like-minded people to read.


Smart Contracts Just Got Smarter.

Reaper is our own blockchain solution designed as a means of unclogging blockchain transactions in general. When smart contracts are introduced to the blockchain it can cause immense pressure and a slow down of the system in general as all parts of the system try to process the required transactions and data at the same time. With Reaper, our blockchain recognises a request for a smart contract and immediately opens an on-demand side chain before checking whether there is space on the system. If the system is too busy then the side chain will process the additional requirements separately before putting them back into the standard blockchain as separate transactions.

Lucid Commercial

A Peak Behind The Curtain.

Video presentations by apparently qualified and independent individuals are actually not as independent or qualified as they claim. Lucid by Enix Foundation | Decentralised Blockchain is a video analysis service that looks at behaviours, mannerisms and language within videos and analyses the legitimacy and truthfulness of the presenters. Opening up and providing a new source of information for your due diligence.

Invmail External

When Privacy Matters Most.

Invmail is our end to end encrypted communications system which includes email, video chat and voice messaging. Running on our zero knowledge server means that no record of communications is retained. A burn feature allows all communications to be permanently and securely deleted. zero-knowledge technology means sensitive conversations can take place online in complete privacy with no fear of what happens if a your account is hacked. Secure transmission of sensitive information and data is part and parcel of the overall system, you can be assured the only people reading your content are those that have the encryption keys which you control..

Invmail is the online equivalent of having a face to face meeting in a locked bank vault only much more convenient.


Utility where it matters.

INV is our ERC20 token which can be used to purchase subscriptions for our AI driven services. Using INV tokens to pay for our services will enable you to achieve preferential rates. INV is currently available on various cryptocurrency exchanges: Mercatox, IDEX, ForkDelta, Etherdelta, Kanga, Nebula, Switchain.

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