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Invacio Token allows you access to a variety of interdependent AI, Communications, Data, Finance, and Investment technologies. The coin is also a doorway to Tamius--Invacio’s decentralized banking system. The Invacio Coin is a new, highly-secure, and user-friendly cryptocurrency that can be used as products are launched.

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Invacio covers key areas including big data, research, online security, social networking, Zero- Knowledge communications, blockchain technology, intelligence, and--with Central Fintech and Hedge Fund divisions-- finance. Invacio’s business model is diversified and resilient. All of our systems and services are grounded in our multi-agent system artificial intelligence, which allows the systems to be self-learning and self-regulating.

Invacio came about from years of research and development by a team whose conceptual and practical ingenuity is advancing original, real world solutions to some of the world’s most obstinate financial and intellectual issues in fields as diverse as online privacy, security, communications, and social media. Invacio’s team has full-conceived plans for the company’s future, and they have already addressed the world stage.

Covering key areas including big data, research, online security, social networking, zero knowledge communications, blockchain technology, intelligence and also finance, all grounded in our multi-agent system artificial intelligence, Invacio's business model is a rich and incredibly resilient.


William James Dalrymple West
CEO & Founder
William is Invacio's founder and CEO, and heads the AI development teams at Labs Internal Research responsible for the dynamic neural networks, big data, and autonomous AI central to Invacio's architecture.
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Invmail | Rolled out ahead of schedule!

Our Zero knowledge End-2-End Client Side Encrypted Email is Live!



Mar 2013
Idea Inception, Early Research
Feb 2014
Development Begins
Mar 2014
Invacio Incorporated
Feb 2014
Development Begins
Apr 2014
Recruitment of developers grows
Dec 2014
Network Developers at 70 through shifts
Apr 2015
Aquire of brainpower and technologies of LB Zero Knowledge Framework
Jun 2015
LB Left in open Alpha
Dec 2015
LB User Base un-marketed in 2000+
Jan 2016
LB entered into awards unbeknown to us
March 2016
Jean initial version testing
April 2016
Network coupled with ZeroKnowledge Tech and Jean early iterations
04/16 – 06/17
Research & Development into AI heavily under-way rolling technologies across systems
Aug 2017
New Divisions created based on Jeans continued success, Data, Intelligence,
New Divisions created based on Jeans continued success, Data, Intelligence, Fintech, enhancements rolled into Network.
Sep 2017
Archimedes Experiments publicly launch
Nov 2017
Invacio’s addresses the United Nations Assembly on AI
Nov-Dec 2017
Archimedes Experiment concludes, concentration on ICO
Dec 2017
UN Feedback was successful, Invacio decides to ICO instead of VC
Jan 2018
15m+ Inv sold before launch organically
We are here
Feb 2018
INV presale begins
Apr 2018
INV ICO sale ends, meetings with the Gov of NGA, THAI, PAK, UN event HK
Product launches begin
Listing INV Coin Exchanges
Tamius roll-out begins. Starting with our apps and desktop UI
Agnes Web application launches
Invmail End 2End client side encrypted zero-knowledge com system launches
Q4 2018-Q2 2019
Alise data aggregation and analysis tool launched
Q4 2018-Q1 2019
Network integrated social and fin-tech business desktop launches
Q4-Q3 2018-2019
Consumer launch begins, Alise (security) Launch begins
Q1-Q2 2019
API Systems launch
Q1-Q2 2019
Data Systems come online ability to sell our data either cleaned/raw or ai derived.
Q4 2018-Q4 2019
Tamius phases launch *subject to licenses and liquid
Q4 2018-Q1 2019
Labs internal & external research division receives funding injection
Full portfolio launched, refining, scaling, revenue maximisation
As adoption and revenues rise, begin looking to new opportunities

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True AI. Real market intelligence.

Agnes is a front end console for traders in all segments to have access to Invacio's AI predictive modules, currently disabled for the ICO.



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