[First Published in 2014]

The ability to convert a 5$ walkie talkie from China in to a secure access point to the web or secure voice,video,data communication device.

When we first set out on the long road to Invacio's development we knew we would be using an immense amount of existing open-source scripts as well as developing our own systems.

One of the areas, actually one of our most important areas was the security and privacy available to our members, through this we had to test un-chartered waters as much as the common practices for we wanted a system that not only allowed our wild members to access the system and utilise it from their penthouse but also from the himalayas should they wish to. 

So in the end one of the by-products of our exhaustive development was the creation of a simple yet secure system that enabled our members to access the system, and communicate in voice, video, data and browse, we named this WE Net (i preferred WE Nap)


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Anyway we shelved this script after we took from its initial offering and developed much much further for our main product, this month however i have begun looking at all of our by products which include WE Net.

WE Net has been packaged in to the following : Secure Free Simplistic Private Communication System with a broad reach which opens the doors for many areas with connectivity up to 10,000 miles across open seas, mountainous regions and further.

Yes that app your using is antiqued compared.


Just some of the users and uses....

#People who were protesting against their govt. resulting in the their internet being cut off. Even worse govt. decided to muck with their cellphones networks too. They need basic communication tools to spread news and updates about their conditions, and with the aim to eventually relay that information to/from the internet when at least one of them is able to get a working internet connection.

#NGO's and medical teams working in Africa under poor conditions who want to build some basic communication's infrastructure to coordinate efforts like the delivery of medication and food or to update on local conditions without being intercepted by regional armed groups etc.

#Disserdents Groups who mistrust the normal communication infrastructure and who want to coordinate regional activity and share updates about oppressive actions
carried out by the authorities.

#Disaster response, rescue and medical teams who are working in devastated zones without the availability of standard telecommunication infrastructure. They want to keep updating their statuses, progress and resource availability between teams
when there may be large overage zones between them.

#Yacht owners who are sailing and who wish to obtain news updates from some
approaching coastline or another ship which has internet access. There may just be a simple exchange of information about news, weather conditions, provisions, gear etc.

#Local populations who want to keep in touch with each other on a daily basis with the goal of developing a strong community capable of maximizing their resources, food or manpower to help improve sustainability and their quality of life.

#Street protests or any other street event where people would like to share their
thoughts, anonymously and locally without relying on the internet. They may also
wish to share them with the world as a single voice using a simple gateway such as a unique Twitter account made for the occasion.

#Expedition base-camps who need a simplistic solution to build a common gateway
for establishing radio communication and messaging service links with camps,
remotely located base-camps and/or rescue teams to coordinate tasks such as
logistics, rescue efforts, routes and schedules.

#Secure Military Grade Connectivity for military who require a simplistic solution.

Basically in a nutshell it can convert a toy from china with broadcasting capabilities in to a long range communication device and with encryption up to current military standards, now whats even cooler is you can even play games, chat, message, conference (vid) and onwards, you can turn your device in to a secure access point to the world wide web etc all without the use of a telephone, mobile or wifi!!! and securely.

Now we are at a cross roads, as we developed this byproduct behind our larger project and we are unsure to sell - productise or open-source it for all or package it for humanitarian missions around the world, let alone its obvious military benefits, so as it is a side produce - so we are looking for others to weigh in and perhaps advise or jump in, ultimately as a billion dollar industry its a product that is in demand and a product that could revolutionise the industry for remote places, or privacy minded people, organisations or companies, whats more it completely obliterates government surveillance capabilities .