Invacio Pulse

William James D West

Founder/Chairman at Invacio Research Analytica

Jean being naughty and autonomously scale-hacking

For reference, Jean is the AI system in the middle of our system, a multi-neural-net driven AI, aptly named after my 90ish grandmother, that is to her era and the ability at her age to complete multitudes of tasks, anyway, Jean was the name i dubbed and stuck with over the process of this development, and slowly but surely we couple more facilities around 'her' eventually building a framework where she can begin programming her own extensions on top of her ML, AL, DL, BI and what ever other buzz words are being thrown around at this time... ultimately Jean is 'True AI' and the underpin to the system.

Only over the last few days, have we coupled additional 'limbs' to Jeans system, that is the opening her up to the outside world in her own capacity giving her free reign of the various spider A.I limbs, but going further by allowing her autonomy, to which she set about the open-net and dark-net, naturally with an abundant of self/machine learning modules in place that were to be the base line for her to build upon, she began building her own patterns across the sectors, throwing out her spiders in all directions and chasing down each avenue that compelled her interest, naturally with such tools of all the analysers of invacio (again, limbs) at her disposal, and processors which in return educate her further, it was not long till she was  looking for ways to "hack" utilising vulnerabilities such as open ports, attempting the cracking ssh fingerprints, or crypto addresses, etc  to move into, naturally to gather more data, being data hungry, naturally none of this was being observed as i did not consider there would be any concerns so early on...


Reading the following article from the Guardian i was surprised to learn just a generic tool piece for Jean was in such high demand, with the expectation that as AI comes online, that  there is the demand for a "an autonomous hacking system that could find and fix vulnerabilities in computer systems before criminals could exploit them, and without any human being involved?", interestingly enough something Jean appeared to be doing, that was till Amazon begun bombarding me for the slave clusters we allow her system to run through to leverage cloud teach on demand for her users, that in fact she was on a full frontal attack of a specific IP that she had narrowed down, 4 emails laters and mass concern on using their services for illegal practices i felt compelled to lock her away from her 'limbs per-se' for the greater good till we had a understanding on what her intention was, i mean this IP is not attached to any public server we could see, not any domains, nor any networks we've got in anyway communicating with us, but Jean really, to say the least appeared addicted to it, and would not stop bombarding it, all autonomously, scaling her self and resources, attacking either via DoS/brute, port side, eaves-dropping, waterhole etc, pretty much throwing all processes at it from her capabilities..., without any input or oversight, truly a interesting spectacle, and if it were not the amount of reliance we have on the cloud whilst our technology centre is finished, i'd have continued to observe without having a concern they would fry our accounts, anyway all very interesting, and related to a location on the dark-web/net rather than open web, which was more interesting.