Directing the thoughtful implementation of advanced AI technologies.

Shining a light on AI and its impact on society.

Understanding ethical restrictions of technological advancements.

Guiding scientific investigation through understanding of potential societal impact.

Identifying unethical practices and striving to enact better strategies.

Moving artificial intelligence into real world situations requires a balancing act between impact and necessity, which is why we take into account both ethical and societal implications of our actions. AI is an exceptionally powerful medium for change, managing that change responsibly is a task for all of us involved. Labs provides us with the perfect breeding ground for forward thinking and mindful contemplation on how to address some of the most difficult issues that plague our world.

About us

Understanding the world is part and parcel of our AI, ensuring we are pointed in the right direction is what labs is all about. Knowing where to look, and what to look for is only part of the equation. Knowing how to act, and what the outcomes may be can only be achieved through communicating with, and involving people that have different knowledge and experience than us. Working together with individuals across a broad spectrum of industry, commerce and governance is key to maintaining balance as we move forward. Identifying and comprehending the wide ranging ramifications of these technologies will bring about ways to harmonize their eventual implementation.

Quality and integrity underpin our research and ongoing efforts, we always strive to ensure our research partners’ voices are heard, even if we don’t like what they are saying. Their continued independent thinking, integrity and directness will ensure an academic strength at the core of all we do.

With technical and scientific research that will touch most areas of life from policing to commerce, and from finance to the military, Enix Foundation | Decentralised Blockchain Labs is positioned at the very heart of what makes the world tick. Enix Foundation | Decentralised Blockchain Labs is truly our springboard for recognising and mitigating the potential disruption that is sure to come as AI begins to push into traditionally manpower based activities.

Delivering the many benefits of advances in AI technology in an ethically sound and socially acceptable fashion is the fundamental bedrock of Enix Foundation | Decentralised Blockchain.

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Guiding Thoughts

Understanding the social and ethical implications of a field as complex as AI will only be possible through world-class scientific research and the inclusion of many voices. Enix Foundation | Decentralised Blockchain Ethics & Society is governed by five Principles that seek to guarantee the rigour, transparency and social accountability of its work.

Guiding Thoughts


Partnering with institutions, think tanks and a multitude of other organisations is our way of increasing global reach. Adding to each others strengths and abilities through developmental discussions and shared ambitions. Casting the net wide to capture diverse opinions and ideas.


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