More than the sum of its parts.

About Lucidia

When research and analysis need to be fast and accurate, it pays to work with systems that don’t operate singularly. Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd (Seychelles) AI modules are fully connected and able to interact whenever the need arises. During data analysis, should there be discrepancies or issues with the information being processed, our systems are able to recognise them and act in order to provide remedy. Whether it is automatically searching our databases for what is needed or carrying out a global internet search, our multi-agent AI is fully reactive.

You can lean on Lucidia.

Lucidia is the name we have given to our entire backend AI system and is comprised of every element that makes Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd (Seychelles) what it is today. Named after William’s grandmother, Lucidia is currently operating from a temporary home which is a partly cloud-based and partly housed on our own - in-house built - petabyte servers.

Some of our research can be explored here.

Artificial Intelligence: Public Perception versus Reality and The Future of Intelligent Decision…
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An overview of the projects Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd (Seychelles) are currently working on.

Lumen Project

What the AI can see, the mind can use.

Delivering augmented reality and AI vision right in front of your eyes. Our Lumen division provides glasses with in-built AI APIs to deliver useful data to you. Location awareness, facial recognition and other important data all projected on the lenses in an easy to read format while you are on the move.

Lucid Project

A peak behind the curtain.

Video presentations by apparently qualified and independent individuals are actually not as independent or qualified as they claim. Lucid by Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd (Seychelles) is a video analysis service that looks at behaviours, mannerisms and language within videos and analyses the legitimacy and truthfulness of the presenters. Opening up and providing a new source of information for your due diligence.

Working with Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd (Seychelles)

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