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A overview of Invacio Network and Comms


Invacio has extended its dynamic neural network into a complex of truly intelligent environments and services for our end-users. Autonomous products and solutions for an autonomous future.


An AI-powered web desktop and relevancy technology that provides all the features of a social network you have come to expect, in addition to Zero-Knowledge encrypted communications and an array of AI and data-driven instruments, indicators and services.


Invacio is a complex of integrated systems woven around secure communications,. At its nucleus sits Invacio Network, an autonomous social hub and web desktop, which adapts itself to your online behavior to anticipate and provide the answers and services you need, often before you know you’ve need of them.

Invacio Network is a relevancy driven technology, using the world’s largest and richest data repository of its kind, and the power of multi-agent system artificial intelligence, NETWORK interprets your online activity to arrange and make available all information relevant to your purposes, whatever they may be.

Should you desire information about specific events or companies, Network console gives you direct access not only to the whole Invacio database, but Jean’s spiders can explore the entire web at command, including the deep and dark webs, to retrieve that data, interpreting and presenting it to you, quickly and elegantly.

Additionally, its encrypted Zero-Knowledge communications systems, including audio and video calls, messenger service, and Invmail, can stream live news and media, offer live financial charting. Because it has all of Invacio’s advanced financial technology internal to it, our fintech offerings can be followed and utilised without ever having to leave the Network terminal.

Prioritizing the privacy of your intellectual and business endeavors, Invacio Network provides what we call ‘burn functionality’ — allowing you, should you wish, to delete your account and all the information it contains without trace, for good. Invacio Network teaches itself to solve problems at remarkable speeds, and has been built with the aim of transforming networking into a habit that aids- rather than clutters, everyday life.

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