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We Don't Work Alone.

Our government partners work in different ways, some aid us in our growth whilst others offer services we don't or can't offer directly. In this section you will find details of government focused partnerships as they are formed.

WHS State

White Hat Solutions.

Government operations are under constant attack by people trying to gain access to privileged information or to damage their systems, Invacio's partner offers full white hate solutions to identify weaknesses and secure them. Anti-malware solutions and cyber security are just the tip of the iceberg. Services include: black/white box penetration testing, web/mobile application assessment, API penetration testing, IoT penetration testing, exploit development and malware research, IoC threat hunting, mobile application development, custom malware/exploits, process automation, and many other custom tools for unique needs.

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When Watching Isn't Enough.

Identifying and monitoring online actors is one thing, taking control of their systems and turningtheir intelligence against them is entirely another. Invacio's partner offers a full remote control surveillance platform to aid in intelligence gathering operations. Services include: retrieving textmessages & encrypted communication in real time, extracting contact lists from phones, taking photos with cameras and turning on microphones, geo location tracking, keyLogger programs, file extraction, recording videos / taking photos from camera, retrieving PC ID / IP addresses, and much more.

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Combatting Digital Harassment.

State legislators and government bodies come under attack by faceless individuals hiding behind anonymity. Invacio's partner offers a fully automated monitoring system to help them stamp it out. Real-time and automated reactions to online harassment can mitigate and stop it in its tracks. Services include: automated investigation of threat actors, establishing a timeline of threats, automated phishing attack investigation/detection/prevention, account hijacking, social media sock puppet creation and much more.

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