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Invacio has extended its dynamic neural network into a complex of truly intelligent environments and services for our end-users. Autonomous products and solutions for an autonomous future.


  • Social network with a suite of interfaces allowing access to user specific useful information.
  • AI backed user driven information feeds and tickers
  • Real time stock market tickers
  • In depth charts allowing you to follow individual stocks in real time
  • AI driven market analysis
  • Location specific itinerary planner
  • Location specific user reviewed content and suggested itineraries
  • User targeted contact and meeting suggestions
  • Direct access to brokerage through UI
  • Invacio Network is an elite network with a wealth of prominent people to connect the dots in your social worlds.
  • Find the best parties, functions and events going on wherever you may be, for the jet setting traveller with local city guides.
  • All of the above but for commercial uses.
  • AI driven business contact suggestions extrapolated from user activity, location and business information
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Agnes | Consumer
  • Collects and tracks companies from all the world’s main stock exchanges giving the user all of the relevant trading information required in a single UI.
  • Log in before markets open to receive end of day predictions for 2995 separate stocks and the most important forex pairs allowing the user to browse prospective daily trades quickly.
  • Quarterly and end of year predictions allowing the user to make informed longer range trades.
  • Open to professional traders and hobbyists making it a trading solution that can be used by all.
  • Complex real time stock analysis allowing the user to make informed trading decisions quickly.
  • Agnes self corrects using multiple deep learning, machine learning technologies thus if she is failing on 70% or below, she herself will want to know and correct her errors to bring her in line with reality.
Archimedes | Consumer
  • Human/AI hybrid hedge fund allowing access to hedge fund level returns on investment (ROI) for all subscribers independently of net worth.
  • Intelligent human equity management allowing excellent risk management strategies to safeguard returns
  • Trades proposed by self learning AI with access to data volumes far beyond the comprehension of any one person meaning that decisions are as informed as they can possibly be at this time.
  • Mix of long medium and short range trades offering stability of returns whilst still retaining the ability to make short term gains.
  • All trades and equity management activities are fed into the background systems to provide data from which the whole system, Jean, can learn.
Tomahawk | Consumer
  • Long range trading system driven by AI making predictions of future values over a year in advance allowing access to a lower risk long term hedge fund to all regardless of net worth.
  • Tomahawk is able to take advantage of Black Swan events such as the 2008 market crash. With the correct equity management of the kind that Invacio’s hedge funds have in place these huge market shifts can be extremely profitable.
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  • End to end encrypted communications system including email, video chat and voice messaging.
  • Zero knowledge server meaning that no record of communications is retained.
  • Burn feature allowing all Invmail communications on any device running Invmail to be permanently and securely deleted.
  • sensitive conversations can take place online in complete privacy.
  • Our zero knowledge, end to end encrypted email system offers complete protection Secure transfer of sensitive information and data.
  • Invmail is the online equivalent of having a face to face meeting in a locked bank vault only much more convenient.
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  • Access to all forms of data from voting patterns to economic growth by industry or sector and from statistics for regional and national healthcare etc.
  • Our data banks are gathered and created from both traditional and non-traditional publishers. We also generate our own vast stores of proprietary data, which are the result of the analyses worked by our multi-agent system AI.
  • Bespoke data system query packages starting from just a few cents for a single query.
  • sensitive conversations can take place online in complete privacy.
  • Aggregate and cross reference these data sets to show how they factor together for example does the construction of a new manufacturing zone have an effect on the overall health of the local population or change voting patterns?
  • The ability to see how certain elements can be brought in to counteract potential changes, before they become issues, such as building new treatment facilities or leisure/sports/fitness facilities or even if there will be a need to overhaul the local sewage treatment/disposal systems based on the potential influx of new workers.
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  • Wide selection of specific API’s such as Invacio’s Media analysis API, which provides access to raw and analyzed media-content and among other things is able to recognize objects, establish identities (meaning to put names to faces), approximate biometrics such as height and weight, specify gender, and can even evaluate and track emotional states.
  • APIs able to identify, interpret and extract written language, and which can then be subjected to sentiment-analysis, being able to appreciate the tone of phrase, even when the language use is sarcastic or ironic — an invaluable capability in a world where a single tweet can so vehemently and drastically affect the markets.
  • Content Moderation.
  • APIs for Landmark Detection, identifying natural and man-made structures within media, and able therefore to locate the picture or video. In many instances sounds also can be located.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Voice Recognition, enabling you to detect text and the spoken word within media, and to collect and run sophisticated sentiment analysis on them as a group.
  • Bespoke API’s available to suit individual needs.
  • All of the above within governmental context. For example voice recognition API’s in order to identify suspects from poor quality footage
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  • Through real time feedback,via Alise, it is now possible to know about any specific mention on social media, news forums or any other media globally within moments and start to act in response.
  • Real time brand management allowing monitoring of all brand mentions and discussions across all major social media platforms and forums.
  • Real time web-crawl brand detection flags company mentions throughout the web.
  • Use Alise to evaluate the performance, standing and activities of competition.
  • Alise pulls in and analyzes all data relevant to a targeted organization or product and returns the results to you clearly, via dynamic charts and reports. This enables detection of problems or opportunities far in advance of what would otherwise be possible.
  • Gauge public opinion on your organization, product or brand
  • Monitor how potential policies are being understood or discussed by the populace.
  • Quick and reliable opinion polls on members of government or current policies.
  • Feedback on the effects, positive or negative of recent projects and policies.
  • Analyse potential benefits and risks of policy implementation in new areas based on performance and opinion analyses of previous similar projects.
  • Find out what the world is saying about your next purchase. Whether it is positive or negative, get real-time feedback about what people really think. So you have seen the fancy adverts and marketing materials and have become interested in the latest new thing on the market, whether it is a phone, laptop, television car, holiday destination or anything else, the consumer version of Alise allows you to plug into the world and find out what real people are saying about your object or service of choice.
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  • Industrial espionage, known trouble causers, shoplifters etc. Commercial organisations can face many a threat both major and minor incidents caused by the wrong person being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through the application of AI and facial recognition through security cameras within any organisation’s facility this system allows the user to track individuals with background checks run via public record databases following positive facial recognition I.D.
  • Invacio Security is able to monitor for persons of interest 24 hours a day 365 days a year at any and all cctv equipped ports of entry and facilities.
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Falls into two divisions :
  • A - Applied AI division — responsible for performance of AI; the tests we conduct, such as those for our fintech (archimedes); applications of blockchain tech; development of APIs and statistical tools necessary for think tank (ext. research), etc.
  • B - Research Division (further divided into two) :
  • (i) - internal research : looks to overcome limitations of the data available to AI, by conducting original research.
  • (ii) - external research : operates as a think tank. Governmental, political, business, etc. develop and refine practices.
  • Monitor how potential policies are being understood or discussed by the populace.
  • Quick and reliable opinion polls on members of government or current policies.
  • Feedback on the effects, positive or negative of recent projects and policies.
  • Analyse potential benefits and risks of policy implementation in new areas based on performance and opinion analyses of previous similar projects.
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  • Tamius utilizes a proprietary AI Blockchain which is the future of global currency transfers offering extremely safe, fast and competitive global transactions.
  • Tamius uses traditional banking transfers methods but at interbank rates, thus meaning you make cost savings on any worldwide transfers.
  • Tamius’ transactional solutions effectively integrate crypto- and traditional fiat currencies, making cross-currency and cross-border transactions simple and intuitive for all users.
  • Tamius and its offerings function to unite crypto- and fiat currencies in a single secure, user-friendly multi-channel platform that offers all of the expected conventional banking services in addition to a number of very important innovations.
  • A free cryptocurrency-management highspeed app that holds both fiat and crypto-currencies. This app will have the ability to exchange an exhaustive range of currencies, and will offer interbank rates of exchange. This to our knowledge is the first offering of its kind to come to market.
  • A simple and intuitive desktop and online user interface that will allow fast and secure exchange and transfer of cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies.
  • Tamius has all the functionality expected of conventional fiat-based banking facilities, such as card services, bank transfers, direct debit, current/sorting and savings accounts, IBAN, etc., with the added functionality of automatic currency conversions at interbank rates of exchange between all supported fiat and crypto-currencies.
  • The Tamius Card will finally allow you to take your cryptocurrency out into the world. Because the card is directly connected to your INV digital wallet, transactions can be made virtually and at point of sale (POS). The Tamius Card is international and provides holders with instant access to funds at ATMs worldwide. Transparent price points and fees calculated at interbank rates make the Tamius Card the ideal medium for using digital currency to make real world purchases. Your cryptocurrencies can be accessed whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Our Invacio Coin banking platform allows all necessary exchange and conversion calculations to be performed instantaneously, which means that at long last the currency holder can make cryptocurrency transactions without having to transfer exact currency amounts to a vendor, making the process as simple and effective as traditional fiat card transactions.
  • Tamius’s wallet Application (INV Wallet) allows the user several holding accounts across multiple currencies (both fiat and crypto), each with a unique account ID. A solution that simplifies the previously complicated management of assets across all currency platforms.
  • Supported by Aquila, Tamius will offer credit services at market-beating rates.
  • The ultimate in communications security, Invacio’s ‘Zero Knowledge’ end-to-end encrypted communication systems are the framework upon which all of Invacio’s technologies are built. We have developed our systems to give you complete peace of mind when communicating even the most sensitive information. Whether by email, messenger, voice, or video call, no content (not even any metadata) can be intercepted or hacked. Everything sent is client-side encrypted so that not even Invacio can access it without the appropriate permissions.
  • Tamius is able to offer a military grade, secure and free to operate online communications framework that will allow transactions to be conducted even in the remotest and densest of environments.
  • All of the above but for commercial uses.
  • POS Solution for E Commerce
  • Invacio becomes a clearing house for crypto and fiat currencies at governmental level, allowing us to become a modern clearing solution for consumer, commercial and governmental funds, all in one place.
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