Aiding Governance And Security.

The government and security services employ thousands of people in data-management and analysis rolls which costs a huge amount of money. Invacio has multiple AI driven offerings which can help to reduce their workload and the costs attached. You will find some of our state services detailed here.


Smart Contracts Just Got Smarter.

Reaper is our own blockchain solution designed as a means of unclogging blockchain transactions in general. When smart contracts are introduced to the blockchain it can cause immense pressure and a slow down of the system in general as all parts of the system try to process the required transactions and data at the same time. With Reaper, our blockchain recognises a request for a smart contract and immediately opens an on-demand side chain before checking whether there is space on the system. If the system is too busy then the side chain will process the additional requirements separately before putting them back into the standard blockchain as separate transactions. Reaper is designed for speed.

Vadgama State

Out Of Sight But Still In Touch.

Vadgama Blockchain is a technology, under development, that will connect the world to digital commerce. Merging 3 technologies: Blockchain, WeNet and Zero-knowledge protocol, to produce a digital web that will reach into the most rural or mountainous regions with minimal infrastructure requirements. Traceable capital spend and secure voting voting systems are a couple of ways this system will enable state governance. Vadgama is designed for privacy.


It Is Who You Know And What You Know.

By scouring the globe for information and pushing everything through our multitude of analysis modules, we can build profiles of individuals and groups of interest for authorities and intelligence agencies. Our AI leaves no stone unturned, even able to track individuals through their daily lives to build a picture of their activities.

Militarization AI

Communication And Reaction Time Are Key.

Connection and communication between previously siloed information stores is one way to reduce the impact of warfare for everyone involved. Removing the communication barriers between currently employed AI elements, will open the doors for a more cohesive approach to protecting lives and securing objectives. Smartwear, drones, guidance technology, border security....


Pushing Beyond Physical Boundaries.

Signal analysis, translation and transmission allows the human mind to connect with technology in ways that are set to change the world of prosthetics and enhancement. As prosthetic and exoskeleton technology progresses, so do the requirements for clear data analysis, interpretation and communication in real time.


Don’t Believe What You See.

Virtual recreations of real world places and realistic scenarios is possible through the application of AI to captured footage of any region. Invacios systems can process images, videos and satellite imagery of different locations to create realistic, interactive, virtual representations.

Data State

If It Is Digital, It Can Be Analysed.

Data is our online data repository housing some 2 billion+ datasets from across the globe. Whether it is agricultural, commerce or economy based our system provides data in its pure format and also AI derived intelligence. There is a wealth of information here, right at your fingertips.

Lucid State

Fighting Fake News With Facts.

Lucid State brings together video analysis, NLP, and automatic fact checking, to provide a service through which news and releases can be analysed in real time to check authenticity. Get to the straight out truth with the aid of AI analysis.

Lumen State

What The AI Can See, The Mind Can Use.

Delivering augmented reality and AI vision right in front of your eyes. Our Lumen division provides glasses with in-built AI APIs to deliver useful data to you. Location awareness, facial recognition and other important data all projected on the lenses in an easy to read format while you are on the move. If connected with relevant databases, these can provide a link from the people on the ground to any and all relevant information they may need for any type of military or security requirements.


AI On The Loose.

Lucidia is the temporary name for a new interface system being built for our office. Lucidia will become a fully interactive AI, fully able to communicate and interact through gestures, voice recognition and a touchscreen television. We haven’t decided on a voice type yet.


Utility Where It Matters.

INV is our ERC20 token which can be used to purchase subscriptions for our AI driven services. Using INV tokens to pay for our services will enable you to achieve preferential rates. INV is currently available on various cryptocurrency exchanges: Mercatox, IDEX, ForkDelta, Etherdelta, Kanga, Nebula, Switchain.

Project X

The Possibilities Are Endless.

At Invacio, our minds are always seeking answers to problems, Project X is the expression of that activity.

Identifying real-world problems and creating real-world solutions is what it is all about. Projects Lucid and Lumen were both Project Xs before they were named properly. There is always something new in the making.

Working with Invacio

We're looking for out of the box thinkers.